Development of Sutton Parish Website

Development of Sutton Parish Website

Continued Development of The Sutton Parish Council Website

We have been running the Sutton Parish website for nearly two years and have decided to look at developing the website another level to a community website creating a parish site which not only provides information on up to date council activity but also give people information on activities, events, business and groups within the parish. 

We therefore would like your opinion before we develop and create anything. Our plan is to develop additional top navigation headers on the website that would include:

  • Local Businesses
  • Eat and Stay
  • Education
  • Clubs and Groups

The local businesses will be given the opportunity to have a space on the updated website which would be a chargeable space. The page would either be a full web page or if the business is a smaller business a listing space. Both pages would allow the business to create and develop the page around a template and they would be able to update and keep it looking attractive to the customers they rely on within the village.

We want to get your thoughts as to whether you would be interested in developing your business within the Sutton Parish website. I have attached the two templates a full page and listing for you to view as examples. The cost for the full page listing page would be £65 per year and the smaller listing page would be £35 per year the reason for the costs to help keep the website up to date and continuously developing in a world where technology is forever changing and developing.

If you are interested, please can you share your interest at this stage by emailing the Parish Clerk Sarah Giller.



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