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Towards the end of June, Cheshire East Council (CEC) received and published the Inspector’s Report on the Examination of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy Development Plan Document. The report concludes that ‘the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the Borough providing a number of Main Modifications are made to the Plan.’ This now allowed CEC to proceed with the adoption of the Plan.

The receipt of the inspector’s report marks the end of the Plan’s examination stage. The adoption of the Local Plan Strategy has now been considered by the CEC Strategic Planning Board, followed by the Cabinet and finally decided at a CEC meeting on the 27th July. The Local Plan Strategy has now been formally adopted and so becomes part of the statutory development plan.

The comment below, from the Inspector’s Report, concludes that the proposed development on the Gaw End Lane site within the Sutton Parish can be accommodated.

The proposed site at Gaw End Lane (CS11) lies on the southern fringe of the urban area, currently in the Green Belt and making a significant contribution to its purposes, but CEC has demonstrated the exceptional circumstances needed to justify releasing this Green Belt site. In the CELPS-PC*, the area and capacity of the site is increased from 150 to 300 dwellings, recognising that the enlarged site can accommodate more housing, using firm and defensible Green Belt boundaries. Landowners and developers have confirmed the availability, deliverability and viability of the site in line with the housing trajectory. The development would not lead to coalescence with Lyme Green, and the proposed area of Protected Open Space would help to safeguard the adjoining Green Belt and surrounding landscape in the Peak Park fringe. CEC has addressed other site-specific matters, such as the extent of the development and impact on the Green Belt, landscape, highways, infrastructure, ecological and heritage assets, and has reviewed the boundaries of nearby designated areas. Apart from correcting the location of the adjoining Council depot, for accuracy, no further amendments are needed.

*CELPS-PC Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy – Proposed Changes (March 2016)

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